Some questions

What easy steps can we take to improve our lifestyle?

It is believed that 90% of our health is determined by the environment we create for ourselves- only 10% is down to our genes (Dr. Chatterjee, The Four Pillar Plan).  That’s  great news!

What is really empowering about this is that we as individuals can do a lot in order to improve our wellbeing.

First, let’s ask ourselves some questions:


• Do I feel that my weight is healthy?

• Is my diet wholesome and fresh as much as possible?

• Are there any habits that could be dropped or improved?

• Am I active enough at least 5 times a week?

• Is my sleep of good quality?

• Do I give myself enough time every day to unwind?

• What would I like to make better and in what timeline?


These questions are about making achievable positive changes in our way of life on a daily basis. Writing down the answers and setting time-limited goals  helps us to focus and really understand what it is that needs changing. And once the new, better habits have infiltrated in our life we will soon feel the benefits and they will be there to stay. Let’s start today!

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