Ninety-percent power is in our hands

This is a powerful statement and one of my favourites: “90% of diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs” (Lindlahr, V. You Are What You Eat, 1942).  Some people may find this statement negative and judgemental, but I, on the other hand, find it empowering and celebratory.  It tells us that we have 90% power in our hands to control and improve our health.  The temptations are many, but so are the healthy options.  The healthy options are not there to bore us; nor are they there to make us feel imprisoned in this duty of eating well.  They are there to inspire and remind us that the fuel we choose to put into our bodies every day is an unshakeable investment into our current and long-term health.  Genes, environmental factors and stress comprise the remaining 10% of the causes of disease.  However, if we choose to take full advantage of the 90%, we are truly on our way to safeguarding our bodies from modern disease.



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