Lina’s mission

Lina’s journey into nutrition started when she lived in Cyprus.  Lina grew up in a suburban house, surrounded by organic fields of citrus, olive and fig trees and a herb and vegetable garden nurtured by her parents.  Her love and appreciation for quality produce was born then.

  In 1998 Lina came to England to study podiatry at the University of Plymouth, where she acquired her BSc (Hons) degree.  She then went to Brighton University to obtain her MSc in podiatry (Distinction).  She worked for 17 years as a podiatrist  in the NHS, private and retail sector, mostly involved in the high-risk foot and wound care.  The majority of her caseload was diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other long-term inflammatory conditions.

 Every time Lina saw a patient she had a burning question in her mind:  What is the person eating on a daily basis to help their body heal?  This question eventually led Lina to pursue her passion for nutrition.  She obtained a Diploma  in nutrition from the Blackford Centre in 2016 and later acquired a Diploma in Advanced Nutrition.  She is registered with the Complementary Medical Association as a nutritionist and has been practising for five years. 

Lina is an advocate for the Mediterranean Diet, as this is the healthiest and most scientifically sound eating regime available. The focal points of this are a variety of plant foods and good fats, as well as the avoidance of processed foods.  Lina’s main interests are:

  • diabetes management (carb counting and concentrating on nutrient-dense foods)
  • chronic inflammatory disorders and autoimmune disease
  • mindful eating for weight loss
  • management of cravings
  • wise supplementation where appropriate
  • eating for long-term health rather than fast outcomes. 

Lina is also a campaigner for fruits and vegetables, as she understands their incredible healing powers when one consumes the right amount, quality and quantity on a daily basis.  Lina’s mission is to inspire others to concentrate on and learn how to enjoy whole foods in order to reduce cravings for poorer food choices.

Lina provides one-to-one consultations via a secure online platform.  The first consultation lasts an hour, and in this the food diary provided before the consultation is analysed.  A health questionnaire is also discussed.  Agreed changes and goals are set with the client, and the follow-up appointments are at 45 minutes to discuss progress, provide recipes and delve into deeper areas of nutrition.  There is also email support directly with Lina.  Everything discussed with the client is accessible to them on our secure platform at any time they please.  Communication with other disciplines (e.g. endocrinology, GP, laboratories) is also accessible to the client.

Lina is proud of the people that she has helped and the main player here is the client themselves.  It takes will, focus and time for nutrition to correct any malfunctions in the body. As long as there’s a synergistic relationship between the two parties, amazing things can happen!  An example is a lady with multiple inflammatory issues that has been helped by the Mediterranean Diet.  Lastly, a gentleman with a diagnosis of leukaemia, who completely changed his food choices (he now avoids all processed food and eats 13 portions of fruit and veg every day) and- along with the help of other disciplines- is now a healthy, lively individual.

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