Eat like the Greeks

The Lancet magazine (April 2019 edition) has published the findings of an international research project about the relationship between diet and chronic diseases (A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017).  It describes how millions of people globally have a diet rich in processed food and poor in phytonutrients.  The main concerns are: too much consumption of processed meat, salt, sugar and refined carbs, and too little consumption of fruit and vegetables, nuts and wholegrains.

The latter four make up a firm part of the Mediterranean Diet, which is heralded as the most scientifically sound way of eating for its cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory effects.  The paper suggests that there is an urgent need for everyone to improve their diet, opting for more wholesome and plant-based food.  This will become the weapon to fending off the main chronic non-infectious health conditions: heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


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