Another weight reducing diabetes treatment approved by European Authority – Dapagliflozin

FORXIGAâ„¢ (dapagliflozin) has recently (mid-Nov 2012) been approved in European Union for treatment of type 2 diabetes – A wonderful ‘concept to reality’ story which originates from the ‘cider’ qualities of increasing loss of glucose through the kidney by inhibition of SGLT-2 receptors. It may seem confusing as diabetes itself causes glycosuria (loss of glucose in urine and the associated calories) but we are now looking at treating diabetes by the same principles.

There is evidence to show that this not only reduces the fasting and after-food blood glucose, but also helps in weight reduction (very few diabetes drugs in the past did this). There were some safety concerns in regards to malignant potential but the EMA approval in past and now EU approval with a soon launch date is a ‘New Diabetes Drug on the block’. (FDA approval was withheld in the past but may be worth reconsidering again?).

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