Access to online medical records may increase use of medical services – Kuehn B – Jama News – 20 Nov 2012

Our experience through providing patient access to online medical records has been very positive and well received. It empowers patients to be in control of their medical information and led to better satisfaction. We use a unique, secure ‘ClinicYou’ system through which patients can access their data 24/7 all over the world. The findings in this article of JAMA may be a result of better understanding of the medical condition, but when supplemented by online access to healthcare (a, we may be able to see a decrease in use of hospital services. We believe in positive innovation for the future at CEMED.

JAMA News – Nov 20 -2012 states: Patients with online access to their medical records used more health care services than did patients without online access, found a study published inJAMA today.

Electronic medical records and other new technologies have been proposed as tools to help improve the efficient delivery of medical care. So far, however, studies have had mixed findings, particularly with regard to whether these technologies reduce costs or use of health care services.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado, which provides health care services to more than 535 000 members in the state, has had an integrated electronic medical records system in place since 2004 and added an online portal called MyHealthManager in 2006 that allows patients to view their own medical records. To probe the effect of using the portal on patients’ use of health care services, scientists from Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Research in Denver conducted a retrospective cohort study of Kaiser members who used the portal.

Here’s the full article.

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