About us

Dr. Jesse Kumar, a Consultant Endocrinologist, established CEMED clinics in 2007 with the ethos to provide the best Endocrine (Thyroid, Adrenal, etc), Diabetes and Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Kent & London to offer a truly convenient, modern and patient-centered approach. 'Your Endocrinologist' approach aims to deliver always accessible personalised care for 'endocrine wellness' as a core concept.

Responsive & reliable

The aim of our clinics is to offer a high-quality, seamless patient experience in comfortable surroundings. We believe that complete patient satisfaction is a holistic experience and an important adjunct to the core clinical consultation. Our most important priority is patient care and we strive to continually improve this unique service through your individual feedback.

Modern & innovative

Our clinic locations are light, airy and easily accessible to integrate into your availability (eg: multiple clinic sites and online & telephone consultations). We understand your time is important and we offer convenient clinic locations close to your preference, 24-hour access to electronic medical records by GPs and patients, email support, smart phone compatibility and appointments.

Endocrine Wellness

Specialist Endocrine Care and Wellness in a single Clinic. Eg: All thyroid and radio-iodine therapy, all diabetes care with Insulin Pumps and Medical Weight Loss clinics. Your endocrinologist concept to care for your endocrine needs and optimise your well-being at all times.

Nutrition consultations

We offer internet-based nutrition consultations to help you meet your nutrition goals. Whether these are related to weight adjustment or improving general health, we can help you to set achievable targets and reach them in a realistic manner.

Improving health and wellbeing

Our future commitment to improve health and wellbeing: www.rebelwithveg.com for personal health and en-cemed-cyprus for occupational well-being.

Rarely we may reschedule your appointment at short notice to accommodate medical emergencies. We will try our best to suit your schedule.

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