High-quality, personalised medical care wherever you are.

“Our ethos is to deliver a high-quality Endocrine, Diabetes, Nutrition and Medical Weight Loss Clinics, in keeping with the modern times to suit your schedule. Evidence-based medicine, comfort and accessibility take the forefront of our approach to bring clinics closer to your home”.

Consultant Endocrinologist – Dr Jesse Kumar, FRCP

The CEMED ethos

Conditions cared for:

  • All types of Diabetes (type 1 & 2, MODY-genetic diabetes) including all modern therapies for weight loss and insulin pumps
  • Thyroid & specialist radio-iodine therapy, Adrenal, Pituitary, Calcium (overactive & underactive), Sexual dysfunction (hypogonadism), Testosterone deficiency & all endocrine conditions
  • Medical weight loss (with or without diabetes) including Saxenda treatment
  • Nutrition & Podiatry (online) clinics
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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

C.G Jung

Why choose cemed?

  • ’Your Endocrinologist’ concept for personalised care
  • Online nutrition clinics from trusted and evidence-based sources
  • Convenient clinic locations in London and Kent
  • Telephone clinics for your convenience
  • 'Always on' approach to suit your schedule
  • GPs can have secure access to your medical records
  • Paperless approach (environmentally friendly) with seamless electronic records
  • Reliable private practice (since 2007) & ICO registered
  • After hours clinics/ evening/afternoon clinics.
  • Online consultations for nutrition via our secure clinic system
  • Cost effective to patients & all insurance companies listed
  • Global, secure 24-hour access to your patient records
  • GDPR compliant services to protect your privacy
  • Endocrine wellness as an approach for a healthier life

Our Clinicians

What our patients say

Very happy with Care & Management from Dr Kumar. Very approachable, Professional & Empathetic.

In 3 months of working with Lina, I have come off most of the meds, lost my food addiction and gained so much more energy. My skin looks glowing and my digestion symptoms have nearly all gone.

I honestly learned more in a few consultations than I did over a year with the NHS nurse at my GP's. With their advice I am eating more healthily, using foods and supplements I did not know existed and have been losing weight continually.

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